Life Coaching

Coaching sessions are useful for creating shifts in your life. Through going inward and sharing your experience you release old pain and beliefs, making more space and love for your genuine self to come through. You access deeper self connection and rebuild a sense of trust, wholeness, ease and self acceptance. You repair your ability to relate to yourself and others. You learn how to say yes to what your really want, and no to what doesn't serve you. From this place, life organically flows and changes so you can live in greater alignment with who you are. 

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Vanessa also offers mentorship to Life Coaches and Counselors who are looking to refine their practice and integrate more intuition and spirituality into their work. For more information on mentoring with Vanessa please email her at



"With the risk of sounding overly dramatic- the work we have done over the last couple of months has changed my life. Vanessa has a rare combination of being a truly gifted healer while also being very pragmatic and I was in desperate need of both. She has lovingly helped me break down the negative blocks that have derailed my ability to live my true and fulfilled life while systematically giving me practical and manageable steps to take me to where I only dreamed I could reach. Vanessa's sincere kindness and loving care during my personal journey is something I will forever treasure. My constant companion of hopelessness has been replaced with excitement about what is next." -Valerie Keane

“Vanessa is one of those people who sees the true and inner you right away. Her beauty, warmth, wisdom, love and compassionate energy radiate from the inside out and into your being. She opened me up to the worlds both within myself and beyond this world that I had trouble coming to terms with. Vanessa has brought me love, inner peace and closer to Spirit. When working with her I have deeply healed past traumas, gained confidence within and allowed myself to be a loving and present spiritual human being in the world- and especially in my relationship with my husband. She is like the North Star constant, shining bright, always showing you the way. Her guidance and friendship is something I will cherish forever. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Really, writing a testimonial does not do her justice, once you meet her you’ll just know.”– Juliana Bolnick

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What is a session like?

My sessions are intuitive and holistic, specifically tailored to what would be most supportive to your unfolding. A typical session with me may include somatic work, counseling, goal setting, communication skills and guided meditation. 

How often are the sessions? 

People who are interested in changing patterns typically commit to a series of weekly or biweekly sessions. However, single sessions can be beneficial in gaining clarity and traction on a specific issue. We'll examine your topic from the levels of mind, body, spirit and identify next steps to create a shift. People report getting a lot out of even just one session with me.

Details on Sessions:

Sessions are $175.00 per 55 minutes and take place via Skype with video. Once we have booked our session time you will prepay prior to our meeting at

How do I book? 

To set up an appointment or get more information email