Fall Retreat

October 6-9, 2017 in Sedona, Arizona


Vanessa Scotto and Clint Frakes present: 

Return to the Elemental Self: a Four-day Sedona pilgrimage and meditation retreat.

This retreat is an invitation to reconnect with your core self and with the spirit of Sedona’s sacred earth and the eternal elements of creation. It’s designed for those on a spiritual quest and interested in exploring indigenous traditions, embodied meditation, Earth-based spirituality, and the experience of sacred land.

You’ll spend four days visiting various sacred sites in Sedona with a select group of other spiritually-oriented people who have come to Sedona with intentions of increasing spiritual awareness and gathering means and tools of understanding, transformation and healing. Together, we’ll learn how to meditate with the intelligent rhythms of the Earth while touching the subtle vibrational differences and spirit at each unique site. We’ll swim in sacred streams, hike through Sedona’s famed energy sites, and be guided through many native teachings and rituals. We will also receive teachings from an honored Hopi elder, visit local shrines and learn plant medicine and herbal healing. You’ll also have individual consultations with Vanessa and Clint, as well as time to share powerful experiences with a dynamic, spiritually-aspiring group, while taking abundant private time for personal discovery.

The beauty of these techniques and rituals is that they will help align your personal healing journey from previously felt confines and expand into a deeper, more universal context with potent and profound application to all aspects of your life. As you re-align with your life’s original rhythms, your own spiritual/emotional process becomes an offering to the greater whole, resulting in harmony, peace and healing in a transformative process.

Although we all know the benefits of unplugging, this is not simply a four-day retreat away from the “world.”  A pilgrimage is a deliberate disengagement from habitual patterns and a conscious re-immersion into the Mystery for the purposes of continued spiritual awakening that will be further actualized upon your return to daily operations with home, family, relationships and career. It’s a profound  deepening of your connection to your Elemental Self and to the cosmos that will continue to grow and inform how you relate to your soul and the world around you.



Vanessa Scotto is a Life Coach and Somatic Meditation teacher with Masters degrees in Integral Counseling Psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over the last 20 years of clinical practice, Vanessa has supported thousands of people through individual counseling and workshops and in developing a healthier relationship to themselves. In recent years, Vanessa pursued advanced training in Meditation and Buddhist Psychology with Nalanda Institute in NYC and has been certified in a non-dual path to spiritual psychology called The Realization Process. While Vanessa has been studying various approaches and paths of meditation and Buddhism since the 90’s, it wasn’t until she met her Tibetan teacher Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche in 2012 that she took refuge in Buddhism. A few years back, she found her soul lineage when she started practicing Earth-based Vajrayana Buddhism with Reggie Ray. She is also the co-host of Bliss + Grit, a podcast that opens the door to conversations about the embodied spiritual path. Vanessa believes that the healing of our personal and cultural pain lies in reconnecting with ourselves and with the Earth.  

You can read more about Vanessa Scotto at www.vanessascotto.com

Clint Frakes has guided over 15,000 pilgrims and visitors through Sedona, the Grand Canyon and the greater Southwest since 1993. Over the past 25 years he’s worked extensively in the Lakota and Dakota territories and throughout Indian country learning traditions, lore and culture of America’s indigenous people. He has had the uncommon privilege of participating closely in these sacred traditions and practices them in his daily life. He is an adopted Lakota/Dakota Sioux and Native American Church member.

Clint believes that pilgrimage to sacred sites with reverence, prayer and contemplation helps sustain a crucial balance in the greater consciousness and subtle energetic metabolism of the Earth, and that we each receive personal blessings and improved health when we engage this relationship.  

Clint is also interested in worldwide spiritual traditions and attended Naropa University, North America's first Buddhist-founded college. He has made pilgrimages to dozens of sacred sites in India and Japan and has taught the Medicine Wheel throughout America and abroad.

To learn more about Clint you can visit www.sedonasacredearth.com



  • Daily guided excursions to many sacred sites in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

  • Daily Earth-based meditation instruction and medicine wheel teachings/ceremonies.

  • A gathering with a Hopi elder to explore the indigenous philosophy and spiritual practice of our nation’s oldest tribe.  

  • Facilitated talking circles to integrate learnings and experiences.

  • Free and open space and time for each participant to immerse in the peace and solitude that can be found in Sedona to recalibrate their spiritual nervous system.

  • 2 private sessions, one with each facilitator. These sessions with Clint and Vanessa will take place over Skype within one month prior to the retreat, and within one month afterwards. (The order in which facilitator you will see first will be randomly selected.)


The pilgrimage will take place in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Accommodations and airport transport are not included. The closest airports are Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona. You can rent a car or look into airport shuttles to Sedona. Please find a hotel or B&B in a central location as we will be providing daily transport to excursions. If you want help with accommodation recommendations or travel info drop us a line at valerie.keane@gmail.com


The retreat begins on October 6, 2017 at 9am and ends on October 9, 2017 at 1 pm. It’s also a beautiful time of year if you can arrive early or depart after the retreat to further enjoy the Sedona, Flagstaff and Grand Canyon area.


  • $1,350/ person. Early Bird discount before June 1 is $1150/ person. July SPECIAL. Register with a friend and rate is $1100/person. Email to discuss payment plans. 

  • The retreat is limited to 12 people; first come first served.

  • Please book your room as soon as you register. It’s high season and rooms book up quicker than you might imagine.

  • Dress comfortably. This trip includes daily hikes and it is also likely to be hot.

  • Bring a bathing suit for our water excursions.

  • Pack sunscreen and a hat, light hiking boots or sturdy sneakers.

  • You will be picked up daily at a central meeting point in Sedona for our land excursions. With respect to the flow of the retreat and everyone’s time, lateness will not be tolerated.

  • Cancellation policy: $200 cancellation fee up to July 6th, 90 days before the retreat. After that no refunds will be given. Individual considerations will be made in the case of true emergencies.

To register for the program:

Email valerie.keane@gmail.com to reserve your spot.  Valerie is also available to answer any logistical questions you may have about the event so feel free to contact her.


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